Cubicle Hell

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why must it rain??

Flying out again tomorrow and hoping this trip will not be as much of a debacle as the last. I have given up on the Sunday night return flight, and have decided to take the first flight monday morning. Then there's a chance I may get in on time, and if I don't, it's not depriving me of sleeping time, it's cutting down on my work day! Why haven't I done this every time?! I fly out tomorrow afternoon and up until last night, the weather was supposed to be perfectly fine in both cities. But then to my shock, they changed the forecast in Newark from partly cloudy to RAIN, THUNDER, WIND!!! Sounds like it will be quite a treat to land under those conditions!! How does a forecast change that dramatically in just a few hours??!! I feel like mother nature must have gotten word that I would be flying, and decided to make my trip extra fun, as always. I don't understand! EVERY SINGLE TIME I fly, there is some sort of weather "condition" that ends up screwing up my plans. It will be nice and sunny for 2 weeks straight, and then the second I need to step onto a plane, the "Severe" weather heads on in. Chances are tomorrow my 2:30 flight, which is 2 hours, will get me there around 10pm. I hate RAIN, THUNDER, WIND!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Boss's Day
So yesterday was boss's day. I don't think I even knew this holiday existed. But I soon learned I was the schmuck of my office when I was the only employee who didn't show up with balloons and flowers and gift cards in hand ready to kiss a$$ to my boss. My feeling on the situation is this....while I may like and respect my boss, isn't my presence here every day from 7am to 5pm gift enough??? Isn't my 50 hour per week donation of time enough to let them know I care? So I had nothing, and intended to give nothing. Go ahead, put me on your sh*t list and skip me over the next time a promotion opportunity comes along. Maybe I should have gotten some wilting carnations and a card that said "this could have been a dozen roses if you had given me the salary I asked for when I took this job. remember saying my offer was more than enough?? Apparently it's not enough to afford nice flowers. Too bad for you." But then a card appeared on my desk that was for our boss from the group - the note said "please sign and give schmucko $3 to help pay for the gift card for the boss." I'm sorry, did I not make it clear that I don't want to participate in the gift giving and a$$ kissing festivities?? And now I'm being flat out asked for money?? It's one thing to say, if you want to donate, sign the card and hand over the dough. So I reluctantly pull out the last of my cash which was to last me this entire week, and I am left with $4. But my boss had her grande cup of coffee from starbucks this morning, courtesy of her employees, and was so cheerful that I guess it was worth it. She was so cheerful, in fact, that she actually laughed when I told her I worked until 8pm last night! If that doesn't make you want to celebrate boss's day next year, I don't know what will!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I love the invention of Evite. It may be one of the best technological advances of the decade. It can be used for virtually anything that is intended to gather up more than 1 or 2 people - - birthday parties, dinners out with friends, baby showers, christenings, happy hours etc. In fact, if I ever get married, I may even consider evite instead of spending loads of money on invitations!! As the organizer of the Evite, you can see who has looked at the evite and when, and then you know they looked to see who else replied, and weren't quite ready to commit to a reply. And you can instantly know when someone replies via email and check out their response. I don't know how we ever lived without it - - we used to send actual paper invitations - pay money for the paper invitations, pay money for all the stamps to mail them, and then wait.... wait days, until the invitees received their invite. Then WAIT for the phone call or even worse, the letter sent in the mail with the reply. So why with such a great invention, are we STILL waiting??? Why do people so uncourteously not RSVP when they are asked to?? Requesting an RSVP two weeks after the day the evite was sent out should be more than enough time to decide!! Even when a reminder is sent out saying that it is now a week past the RSVP date, some people still can't be bothered to reply. You can count them out, but then what if they show up? You're the one who looks like a jackass for not reserving enough seats for everyone. It's simple people- click the yes, or the no. Even the "maybe" will suffice if you're that much of a commitment phobe!!! Just give a little something!!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ok, so I am going to give this blog thing a try...
Lawnut has convinced me I will love it. You will find I tend to be a little long winded, hope you can handle it!
What better way to start a blog than to recap the events of my trip home from NJ last night. I was up in NYC last week for work and decided to stay the weekend with pseudo bf. First of all, this was my second trip to NYC for work in 2 weeks, and all I can think is that I don't know how people with jobs that require them to travel ALL THE TIME can deal. The airports, the flights, the hotels etc... all stressful and never without problems. It is utterly exhausting, not to mention disastrous to your health. While cubicle hell may be, well - hell - at least you can happily sit on your butt, have your computer in front of you working without problems, and be able to go home at the end of the day without someone telling you there is a 5 hour delay. Which brings me to last night. I was on a 5:30PM flight from Newark to Atlanta. Given the frequency that I make this trip, both for business and pleasure, I am well aware that Sunday night is one of the worst times to fly - there are always air traffic control delays,even if the weather is perfect. I booked the 5:30 flight with the hope of getting home by 10pm, 2 hours late. Pretty reasonable hope, I thought. Well, add in some bad weather in both cities, and you're pretty much screwed. The flight was delayed until 7pm. We left the gate at 7 and then stopped shortly after pulling out of the gate. A few minutes go by when the captain informs us that Atlanta has closed the runways to ALL arrivals, and he will "update us" in an hour. So we are sitting on the tarmac at this point - STUCK in the plane. An hour later, the captain says we will sit there at least another hour. Then they served the snack and beverage service on the ground!! You know that's a REALLY BAD sign! Another hour goes by, and we are informed that we will take off in about an hour, around 10pm. We sat on the ground for 3 HOURS before finally taking off! So we finally land at 12:15AM. Then we sit on the ground for 15 minutes before going to our gate because the ramps to the gates are "gridlocked"! GRIDLOCKED AT 12:15 IN THE MORNING!! When we finally pull up the gate, everyone starts preparing to get off the plane, but the door never opens. 10 minutes later, we are told that the jetway is broken and they are trying to fix it. At this point, most of the passengers, including myself, are about to LOSE IT! Then they tell us the jetway is just not working and we will have to move to another gate, but we can't do so until all of the luggage is unloaded. So we wait another 15 minutes or so, and then we finally leave for the new gate. It was about 1:15 in the morning before we were finally freed from the plane. So, 6 hours after boarding the plane, I am home. I could have flown to Europe faster. When I got home at 2:30 in the morning, all I could think was that I couldn't wait to go back to cubicle hell, rather than get on another plane!!